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Re: IPad App Support

Postby MesaDon » 04 December 2014, 23:17

No problems with multiplay prior to update. Have two games going. One worked fine the other against Acererak downloads fine, shows his turn, I take mine but it will not upload my turn. Have tried 4 times in all different ways but same thing.
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Rangykoo » 04 December 2014, 23:40

Thank goodness I'm not the only one who has the problem with saving progress between sessions. Hope this gets sorted quickly as I don't feel much like 'progressing' just to start again.
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Lhonster » 07 December 2014, 10:50

I am also having problems with my progress in completed missions being reset from time to time. One time I remember I was going to try a mission again, but when I went to the screen that should show the missions that I had completed....it had reset to the beginning. I was able to work around this by loading the auto save which was on mission 6 or so, and then I think I exited that game and the missions were unlocked as they should have been.

I also lost all my experience around the update, and just checked.....each of my completed missions have a check mark, but in the details portion it shows "Not played" and has a score of 0.

I've also had a couple cases of the lingering destroyed unit in 2d mode after the update. Each time I was able to get the phantom units to disappear by switching to 3d mode and then back to 2d mode.

It would be nice if the journal listed whether or not German units can be out of supply for the mission. In mission 7, they could be, but in 8 they couldn't......and they were even getting replacements while "out of supply".

In the mission with the two impluses per side (allies mission 7), I found the two impulses really sets up some weird situations. One of the goal cities was occupied by a German stack with defense just over 50, but due to only being able to activate 15 units in an impulse, I could never get odds better than 1:1 even though I had plenty of units that were available surrounding the city, but no more activation points.
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Gilles » 08 December 2014, 09:02

We have identified a problem with progression saving, when creating an account and not logging in just after.
If you create an online account, please login into it immediately after without closing the game.

If you lost your progress due to this bug, by login online on the account you created, you should rollback your progress to the moment of account creation.

Sorry for the inconvenience this should be fix in next patch.
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Rommelheim » 08 December 2014, 21:16

greetings, Gilles, just to say i played Complete, my first campaign (Huge Battle/What if) vs the Allied AI, topics in the forum help a lot about the "change side" Multiplayer/AI bug, i go trouh it without problem and this time the campaign dont crash at any time, i love this engine and this game, you indeed captured the pace and settings from some classic tabletop normandy games, what is an awesome thing and i like even better,

, also cant wait for new modules but can understand them can take some time to do perfect work.

, also hope the people that like wargames come to play this game and keep development open, i want all modules, planned to purchase them on steam for some hot seat action with friends and alone solitaire training.

just a minor bug, not sure if it has to do with my game or happen to all players, Erwin Rommel Field Marshall Description gives instead OberFhurer Dietrich description, just, please, check it to know if yoy have to address it, anyway it dont have impact on gameplay. love the combined arms and armour bonuses.

best regards, good luck with the engine and module, and over all it, keep up the good work, we have here a winner!!!

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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Alyan » 09 December 2014, 16:25

Hello Rommelheim,

I've looked up the error and yes, it seems that Rommel stole the biography of Dietrich ! We will correct it as soon as we can, thank you for telling us.

Happy wargaming !
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Cteter » 11 December 2014, 14:36

In the first scenario of battles (Gold - Juno-Sword) it seems to be accumulating points for holding objectives by turn when in the objectives briefing it shows they are only end of game when playing the allies (have not tried axis).
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby JordanBei » 29 December 2014, 20:26

I just had that bug that made me able to play both sides in a single player scenairo.
The game sometimes crashes durning a scenairo on my ipad 2.
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Westermanjt » 03 June 2015, 17:56

I have an iPad Air 2. I have yet to receive my confirmation email. I've posted in another forum about this problem but as yet no response. Yes I've checked my spam folder.
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Re: IPad App Support

Postby Grimm1312 » 04 June 2015, 08:38

Please send me Again the activation Mail for the iPad App - i Never get one - i checked inclusive Spam everything
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