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Carton Of Newport 100S Cheap Cigarettes

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Alcoholism is just a symptom of a mental health disorder. Although some alcoholics have co-occurring mental health problems, alcoholism is a primary disease, not a symptom of something else. Many people hopefully believe that if you find the "something else" and fix it, that the drinking will disappear. This is not the case.

7. You can't be an alcoholic if you only drink beer, or on the weekends. Alcoholism is not defined by what you drink or when you drink it. It is defined by what happens when you drink.

8. You can't be alcoholic if you don't drink daily and don't feel like you have to have a drink. Again, frequency of drinking does not define alcoholism. Nor does frequency of cravings or the compulsion.

9. You can't be alcoholic if you can stop drinking. Most alcoholics are able to exhibit some temporary indicators of control over their drinking from time to time. This fact is one of the biggest sticking points in an alcoholic's denial about being alcoholic. Loss of control is inconsistent loss of control until late progression

10. The "disease concept" of alcoholism has been discredited. Nothing could be further from the truth. The last ten years has seen a groundswell of sophisticated research in genetics and brain chemistry research that not only affirms the "disease concept" but expands it tremendously.

If you or someone you love, suffers from alcoholism or other drug addiction, get all the information that you find on addiction and recovery. Arm yourself with the tools you need to enable your recovery or the recovery of your loved one. Peggy's website offers a wide range of educational resources for additional help ("Links" page), and an "Ask Peggy" column where you can ask specific questions about the topics listed and make suggestions about other topics to be covered. There is a "Recommended Readings" page and "Articles" pages that are constantly being expanded.

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