The Real Difference Between Smokers and Non

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The Real Difference Between Smokers and Non

Postby cigspriced » 27 June 2018, 07:33

The key difference between smokers and non-smokers is how they view cigarettes Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online. Primarily non-smokers see cigarettes as consequences. They are acutely aware of the ill effects of smoking and it typically forms a powerful attitude to smoking. Now not all smokers are strongly anti-smoking, but most are fearful of what the smoke can do.

That why many non-smokers have such strong negative reaction to smelling cigarette smoke Best Selling Cigarettes. Of course the smell of burning tobacco isn like incense. It an acquired smell that smokers condition them to. Such that many can even sense that is noticeable to a non-smoker at 2 meters distance. For many people who don smoker, the smell of someone smoking is enough to make them fearful of their own health.

People who have never smoked cannot imagine that cigarettes contain any pleasure whatsoever. But it the pleasure associations that keep smokers hooked both chemically and psychologically. There most likely isn a single adult smoker who isn acutely aware of the risk of smoking. The problem is that the immediate pleasure of smoking can blind them to what actually happening to their bodies. Despite the fact they are slowly being poisoned, the smoker doesn feel bad when smoking. In fact the smoking makes them feel good!

Cigarettes of course have a negative compounding effect on the smokers health that is so gradual that is deceptive Cheapest Cigarettes In Usa. As the years go by the smokers health subtly declines. It can be so subtle. Energy levels decline, circulation gets worse and colds just seem to hang around a little longer. The smoker can also get confused and believe that this decline has something to do with aging.

Smokers also tend to rationalize the smoking and disassociate themselves from the consequences Cheap Cigarettes Near Me. Many have the opinion that getting cancer happens to other people. Why? Because the cigarette makes them feel good and they don really feel sick right now. In fact once I remember having a friendly discussion with a smoker when they sought to explain the statistically the chances of them getting sick weren that bad Order Cigarettes Online. Regardless of the smokers chances of getting the big would you really want to gamble in a game where you lose so heavily?

In fact the younger you are the sooner you should quit. But it the young who feel the consequences of smoking the least. They haven yet felt the effect of tens of thousands of cigarettes on them. Cigarettes create the illusion of pleasure and make it ultimately trick the smoker into disconnecting from the real consequences of their actions.

Even as non-smokers we can force cigarettes smokers to stop. Yes we can see what is ahead of the smoker and as much as we care for them it is up to the individual to choose whether they stop or not. What do need is to make smokers aware of the illusory nature of the pleasures of smoking. We also need to let them know that when they quit life will be just as pleasurable and they won be missing out on anything (except for the likely consequences of long term smoking).
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Re: The Real Difference Between Smokers and Non

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Re: The Real Difference Between Smokers and Non

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