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A sophisticated game with an easy gameplay

Wars and Battles manages more than 20 types of terrain, up to 400 ground units, 50 air units and 15 different scenarios. The game also manages anti-tank and anti-air weapons, weather, ambushes, paratroopers, reinforcements, supply, replenishments, fortification, unit rotation and most of the sophisticated rules that you can find in any tabletop wargame.

The difference with Wars and Battles is that our game has been designed by both tabletop wargame designers and veteran video game designers who have paid particular attention to the simplicity required by casual gamers, resulting in instinctive rules.

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A portal to history

Wars and Battles has been released in November 2014 with the Battle of Normandy. Wars and Battles is more than one game, it is a portal. We will release the October War 1973 in June 2015 and 2 battles are under production: Kharkov 1943 and the Korean War 1950-51.

We have three additional battles in the pipeline (Austerlitz 1805, Gettysburg 1863, and Market Garden 1944) that will be launched in 2015-2016.

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An immersive gameplay

The masterpiece of Wars and Battles is our exclusive rules system. We have developed an exclusive system, which allows Wars and Battles the opportunity to benefit from rules adapted to every historical context. You will have the opportunity to use jets and anti-air missiles when playing October War (1973), while for Gettysburg (1863) or Austerlitz (1805) specific rules will oblige you to turn certain units before fights.

To make this wargame as realistic as possible, every unit (and we have hundreds in every battle) is identified by more than 130 characteristics such as life points, quality, movements, attack points, movement capacity per terrain, command bonus, replenishment capacity, supply consumption, anti-tank and anti-air characteristics, capacity to perform strategic movements and engage in pursuits, etc.): most of the rules you know in traditional tabletop wargames are embedded within Wars and Battles.

In order to accelerate play flow, each turn is divided into sub-steps called impulses where a player will be able to activate a limited number of units to move and/or launch attacks. This system increases the back and forth between players and makes the game more intense.

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3D and 2D views

With the 3D view, find yourself in the heat of the fight and enjoy the fine modeling of the different equipments for each battle.

The 2D view gives you the opportunity to have a more strategic view of the battlefield and to directly access the more vital pieces of information of your units.

Wars and Battles will propose 2D and 3D views, and both views are complementary.

The 3D view is very appealing and will provide the player with the key info only (attack points for attackers and defense points of the defenders) but this view will also be particularly helpful to experienced wargamer to understand the landform of Gettysburg 1863 and the mountain roads of the Korean peninsula and the Golan Heights.


The 2D view will give the gamers the opportunity to access more details on the units and to embrace most of the map at a glance.

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Exciting achievements

You will start Wars and Battles as a Soldier, and with time, experience and victories you may eventually be promoted to General or even Commander in Chief. This will not be easy since you will have to play and win many battles through tactical, operational or strategic victories in order to succeed.

During play, you will also gain achievements and some of them will award you a medal. With skills, time, and luck, you may be able to pin dozens of medals to your chest.

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Social networks

With Wars and Battles you will also share your battles and achievements with your friends and through Facebook or Twitter.

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Beyond history…

We pay great attention to historical details; our first team member was a historian. But our game is not only a tribute to history…

On our team we also love SCI-FI and heroic fantasy and we expect that with the success of Wars and Battles we will be able to offer you other environments and other worlds.

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Cross-platform game

Wars and Battles will be released on the most popular platforms: PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and smartphones. More than that: your battles will be saved in the Cloud so you will be able to start a new game on your PC and continue on your sofa with your tablet or away from home with your smartphone.


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Solo mode

You will be able to play Wars and Battles solo thanks to the Artificial Intelligence we are currently designing. If the 200k stretch goal is met, we will be able to dramatically improve this artificial intelligence by respecting the tactical and strategic schemes of every army and commander as well as their evolution with time.

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Unique multiplayer experience

Wars and Battles will include an asynchronous mode, which is traditional in turn based strategy games. But with Wars and Battles, you will be able not only to play against your friends (or any opponents in the world) but you will also be able to play with them.

For example, when playing Normandy 1944, you will lead the American army while one of your friends will play the British, against one or two opponents who will play the Germans. You will realize that fighting together is a tough experience and requires coordination and skill.

Wars and Battles will also offer you a unique feature: the ‘Blitz mode’ in which you play in real time against an opponent. In this blitz mode you will have a limited amount of time to decide the move and the combat of your units and will have to make the right decisions quickly, as would a general at his headquarters.

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The team

The Wars and Battles team is made up of both video games specialists and wargame veterans. Our project leaders, game designer, lead programmer and lead artist have all worked for major studios such as Electronic Arts, Activision and Ubi Soft. The opportunity to work on a new project where we are able to finally create our game is a fantastic motivation for the team.

But the specific nature of Wars and Battles is the importance given to historians and wargame designers. Some of the best French wargame specialists support our project, such as Nicolas Stratigos, editor in chief of the famous wargames magazine Vae Victis, and Frederic Bey, an expert of the Napoleonic battles and author of the Jours de Gloire series. Many of our wargame designers are also engaged in the French army and have brought their experience of combat to the wargame design.

All together, our team has more than 50 years of accumulated experience in video games and 100 years in wargames.

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